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Melinda Knight is an Industrial Chemist within a leadership role at Sherwin-Williams. She received her Bachelors of Science (2005) with a focus in biology and chemistry and her Master of Business Administration (2009) from Roosevelt University. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Material Chemistry from Illinois Institute of Technology.

As an industrial chemist Melinda ideates, design and develop consumer product goods specializing in coatings technology to include research, product development, and commercialization. Melinda has developed products for big box retailers such as Lowes, Walmart, and ACE Hardware developing award-winning (Consumer Reports, J.D. Powers) products among other distinctions in the field.


Melinda serves the role of leading project initiatives & strategies across a team of chemist, engineers, product marketing, sales, and operations professionals. She has a proven record of developing and executing work plans and driving for results in a variety of challenging and complex settings. Melinda Knight is a leader in the coatings technology industry for technical projects to meet business initiatives focused on growth, brand maintenance, cost engineering, and quality improvement. Melinda expertise lies in helping to drive long-term technology enablers for business results. This includes ownership of design and execution of product testing, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, documentation, communicating results, and product commercialization. Proven communication and leadership skills are essential in her role, operating in a dynamic and cross-functional environment.


Included in her drive and passion within the industrial chemical industry, Melinda Knight has a passion for community build and youth activism with a strong interest in education, diversity, and inclusion. Melinda Knight is an engaged community advocate actively participating as a speaker to school age youth promoting studies within the STEMs around the Chicagoland area (Mercy Home for Girls, Burnham Elementary School, etc) as well as annual participation as a workshop host World of Polymers - NSBE Jr. Engineer Week for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). Melinda Knight also serves as a member of the American Chemical Society.

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