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Imagine the unimaginable happens but only simply because of the way you wore your hair and the pair of jeans you wore. Probably a day that would have blended with the others, among people you don’t know. Normally, none of the seemingly mundane parts of your day would seem to matter, but these moments would define the next 50+ years of your life. Wrong place, wrong time is an understatement.

Knowing you are innocent and not being able to prove it while suffering from medical issues, lack of money, being illiterate, not knowing your rights and adding to all these difficulties

false testimonies, tampered evidence, corrupt investigators all make way for innocent people to be wrongly convicted and snatched away from life as you knew it and thrusted into the criminal justice system in ways never before experienced. The justice system is plagued by racism. Racial profiling have characterized many of the cases and have lead to widespread in justice in the legal system.

The Evans Exoneration Project, TEEP, receives letters daily from inmates who need legal assistance. The firm works on the behalf of those who have been falsely convicted free of charge to set the captives free! TEEP reviews these applications in hopes that they will find a client they can work with. The firm works tirelessly to obtain all legal documents, evidence, witnesses, and legal representation. This work is time consuming and expensive - yet it’s crucial to bring justice to those victims of our flawed criminal justice system and create meaningful change to the system.

This work cannot be done alone. TEEP needs substantial donations to support those incarcerated and sustain the organization. With your contributions, TEEP can continue to take cases and work diligently to right the wrongs in our criminal justice system.

By Janah Richardson and Adriana Denwood


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