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Chicago State's Attorney Exonerates Another 12 men!

Sargent Watt's is the latest and saddest story in the history of Illinois Exoneration. However, some people are having a happy ending.

On today, Sargent Watt's a fallen CPD officer, was sentenced only to 22 months for the framing of over 80 people from the Ida B. Wells Housing Complex in Chicago, Illinois, who have served time in prison. Those convictions have now been overturned. Why would he do this I asked myself? Corruption, pure and simple. Power and greed breeds corruption. It is alleged that Watts and his subordinates had a side business on the Southside of Chicago. They used the threat of arrest and acutally told them that they would be framed if they did not provide cash, drugs and or guns. And they did it.

Law enforcement documents have revealed Watts and his team were running an illegal business for more than a decade. The business was comprised of planting evidence on citizens on the South Side of Chicago and fabricating charges against the residents residents while helping their own drug and gun trade.

Many of the drugs confiscated by Watts and his group were not turned in for evidence, instead he used it for personal gain. Besides the arrests, the homes were entered without search warrants. Most arrest were people who did not have the money to pay Watts and who Watt's considered "knew too much."

This conspiracy began in the 2000's and has 2 decades. On today, 12 men, who served out their sentences in 13 cases and spent 30 years incarcerated had their cases wiped out.

This is the first time in history of Cook County, sometimes known as Crook County, that the the State's Attorney has asked a judge to wipe out convictions like this.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

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