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Changing Innocence in the COVID Times

Imagine being confined to a jail cell and being innocent?

During 2020, Covid had everyone in the world confined for one and a half years. We were confined to our homes, time appeared to lengthen with every day of confinement. When the pandemic first struck the planet, we were all obligated to remain 6 feet from everyone. We could not go to the grocery store without fear, we sat in front of social media trying to get the latest information of what was happening around the world with Covid. For some, the beginning was fantastic since they were able to spend time with their families, which seemed like a dream at the time of their running existence. However, after a period, both young and old minds become affected. Anxiety, fear of missing out, unease, and impatience were among the challenges they experienced.

Our childhood innocence had been locked away in our houses and had not been transformed into constructive energy. But there was still a light of optimism when we saw our loved ones and spent time with them.

Have you ever considered what the pandemic lockdown was like for those who were imprisoned? TEEP is aware of what was happening in the prisons because we received 45 letters from the inmates who were all put into the same room and they were told that they had Covid. If one person is in trouble there is pepper spray {pepper spray is spray that consists of pepper and can make you sneeze}. So, Imagine that they already were sick and coughing and the pepper spray made it worse and they really could not breathe.

People confined behind the bars had no access to social media, families, and they cannot write to their friends. They can only contact TEEP and ask for help. They only have TEEP to listen to their problems and seek solutions.

At TEEP we help people who are innocent and still confined. Although they have tried to prove their innocence and come home the system has only considered the number and they are trapped behind bars and walls, trapped in their terror and unable to seek aid. We must act quickly to assist people who are in need. It's critical to free people from the shackles of misunderstanding and false charges and restores their innocence. TEEP helps these people in every possible way and you can lend a helping hand to them too.

You can donate at: GoFundMe to help the innocents behind the bars:

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