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Our Purpose

The Evans Exoneration Project (“TEEP”) is a charitable legal corporation created to effectively address the problem of individuals in Illinois prisons who were falsely incarcerated. The project utilizes the services of professional men and women in the area of business, law, security, investigations, and marketing. TEEP’s mission is to research, identify, analyze, investigate, and commence legal proceedings for the wrongfully imprisoned, advocating for silenced voices, and to educate the community about this issue.

The primary purpose of The Evans Exoneration Project ("TEEP") is to diligently work toward freeing persons from prison that were wrongfully accused. Our secondary purpose which is to advocate meaningful change in the criminal justice system inasmuch as educating the general public about the social issue that is mass incarceration and wrongful convictions, as well how they came to be. We aim to have our audience be armed with sufficient knowledge to impress upon their legislators to enact laws that are designed safeguard the rights of innocent people and to punish the wrongdoers that knowingly, deliberately, and intentionally set the legal machinery into motion to incarcerate the wrongly accused.

When criminal cases are political in nature or have gone unsolved for a great amount of time the police and prosecutors will seek justice by making arrests based on faulty eyewitnesses and/or other suspect evidence. When this happens, a person who is innocent can wind up being arrested, prosecuted, or even incarcerated, for crimes they never committed.


In instances where an individual is, in fact, innocent, it is up to those trained in the law to make a case for that individual. Because the legal process can be very expensive many people who are wrongfully incarcerated do not have the resources to find someone for help. 

However, The Evans Exoneration Project is here to help!


TEEP is a non-profit organization working to defend those who have been wrongfully incarcerated. Non-profit organizations are dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. Additionally, as a 501(c)3 organization, we are a non-profit organization recognized by the federal law of the United States according to 26 U.S.C. § 501.

1.  Gather, organize, and analyze all documentation generated by the case.


2.  research and employ the services of an experienced private investigator, if required, to commence a full and complete investigation of the case facts.

This phase will involve locating witnesses, ascertaining the identities of people that possess knowledge of the crime, but were never called to testify at trial, doing follow-ups, obtaining affidavits, visiting crime scenes, photographing, performing computer record searches and video graphing.

3.  provide competent and effective legal representation

 This includes preparing and drafting certificates of innocence, affidavits and petitions that will be filed with the court,such as post-conviction petitions, motions for new trial, petitions for DNA testing, memorandum of law, legal briefs, and full research of all relevant issues, court appearances, and consultations for other outside experts including, but not limited to expert witnesses.

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