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Mr. Roosevelt Myles

Lionel Boswick

Mr. Boswick was accused and convicted of aiding in a felony arson murder. Mr. Boswick had maintained his innocence for ten years during his incarceration before he contacted TEIL. Among many issues, we have successfully moved for DNA testing as well as latent prints reports. The results of the DNA tests revealed that none of his DNA was on the evidence. At the same time, the latent print report disclosed that none of his prints were on the supposedly held evidence.

Roosevelt Myles

Roosevelt was convicted of murder and attempted robbery back in 1996, to this day he still maintains his innocence.  The state's star witness has come forward stating that she was coerced by a detective to say that Mr. Myles was the culprit. It is also believed that the same detective, who has a history of misconduct, bribed another witness with drugs or money for drugs, to falsely testify against Mr. Myles. The council failed to present evidence that another person could have committed the crime, like the state's star witness's ex-boyfriend who was known as a dangerous gang member, and had recently threatened the victim. The mother of the state's star witness was not called to testify that she had heard her daughter say over and over again that, "it was a light skinned man" who had shot the victim. Mr. Myles is a dark skinned man. The counsel also failed to present evidence of an alibi witness, who states that he talked to Mr Myles, and saw him enter into a residence before the gun shots. After hearing the gun shots, five minutes later the witness saw Mr. Myles leaving the residence. There is also no evidence linking Mr. Myles to the crime that was committed.

*because we want to respect the confidetiality of our clients, the names disclosed will not always be real unless we are given permission to do so

The National Registry of Exonerations has reported that the 2,265 exonerees in the NRE database served a combined 20,080 years behind bars. 

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