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Upcoming Events


Juneteenth, co-sponsored by TEIL

Hosted by The Evans Exoneration Project, co-sponsored by The Evans International Law Firm, LLC. TEEP held a virtual event observing Juneteenth. We held panels that discussed the origin of Juneteenth, hardships in the black community, employee discrimination, and economic struggles caused by COVID-19.

Hispanic Heritage Month

Hosted by The Evans Exoneration Project. Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15th through October 15th. We are holding this event October 13th at 1pm and will be discussing the history, current situations happening in the Latin community, and we will be introducing Every Child's Corner. Make sure to join us! PowerPoints and video's will soon be posted up in the website. 


  • currently looking for interns with fundraising, marketing, or social media management experience interested in orientating us.

Experienced Lawyers

  • help in writing legal briefs

  • performing legal research

  • working pro-bono on future cases

  • corresponding with prisoners

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