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Erica Walker is a twenty-year IT professional working in healthcare building and training systems applications, first as a business systems analyst, and trainer. As part of her duties, Erica coaches and leads today's clinical and financial healthcare workers to succeed in the ever-changing technological landscape known as healthcare. She is certified in several Epic Systems training software components, Oracle's People Tools, and Kronos software applications. She coaches staff, creates distinct web training environments.


Erica is also a baker who happens to run her own baking business, Sweet Life Baking Company, in Country Club Hills, IL.  She has been in business for five years wowing customers with her tantalizing sweet treats. Erica has two children whom she is very proud of, a son at Stanford University and a daughter at Bradley University. In her leisure time, she bakes, reads, and enjoys wine tastings. She always looks forward to adding a little sweetness in your life.

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